Home security – alarm, CCTV

Home security systems

Home security systems
The advantage with ongoing developments in surveillance and security technology is that they make home security systems and installations cheaper to acquire over time. This is good news for homeowners who may well feel vulnerable at times, or who may want to protect their property when they’re away.

Without the assurance of a sure-footed bobby on the beat regularly patrolling our streets — homeowners do what they can to protect themselves.

There are two home security systems options.

The off-the-shelf kit available at specialist retail stores is a massive appeal for homeowners who are thinking about buying and installing their own CCTV Cameras. Some homeowners do use DIY kits, but many approach us for home security systems design and installation because they need professional help and support.

They want to get their security tight and right.

Area assessment
We undertake a proficient assessment of risk zones, weak entry points and ideal camera catchment areas. Our home security systems design optimises equipment with surveillance area that is suitable for the home owner’s circumstance.

We only install equipment from manufacturers that we trust implicitly. We know their quality, customer service and product reliability. We always work to our clients’ budgets.

The items we select for home security installations are easy to operate. We often use static infrared body cameras with a 20 to 80m range, long-lasting LED illumination for darkened areas, and infrared speed dome cameras.

The recording camera feeds into CCTV recorders or into an internet network. Homeowners can monitor the situation, or arrange for a surveillance specialist firm to monitor the feeds. It’s a very flexible system — access is through password login on internet connected laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

home security systems

A shrieking sound of an alarm in the quiet of an afternoon or the dark of midnight is often enough to deter any intruder from contemplating unlawful entry. Alarms have become more sophisticated as CCTV technology is integrated.

Depending on a homeowner’s needs or budget, we will set up one of three systems.

1. Single alarm system
These are bells-only that deter intruders and protect against burglaries by emitting a high-volume siren to alert neighbours

2. Combination alarm and call system
This system integrates triggered alarms with a communicated call to a monitoring station for immediate response

3. Combination CCTV and call system
This system observes and records intrusion on CCTV and silently notifies an alarm receiving centre (ARC) for immediate response

Non-monitored bells-only
This light flash and/or siren alarm attracts nearby attention. This system works particularly well in neighbourhood watch zones.

We recommend this system for studio apartments, flats, terraced houses, cottages and caravans and boats.

An alarm system comprises the control unit, a key pad, the sound emitter and sensors. Digital technology gives them smarter functioning capabilities.

Working with you
Henry Gates Security is a family firm, established in 1939. We work always in our clients’ best interests, with honest appraisals and continuously updated product and technical knowledge to give our clients the best service.

We give you all the information you need and explain how the equipment and the system we design for you works.

We help you:

  • understand the functions and features
  • streamline your home security operation by designing an efficient system
  • achieve the best surveillance possible within your budget

Ethics, laws of privacy
Henry Gates Security fully supports and respects ethical use of CCTV. We do not assist anyone or any organisation in the violation of this country’s personal privacy laws.

For advice on protecting your home and property, please call us,
01727 82 22 67

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