Remote access CCTV

Industrial, commercial, residential remote acccess

Remote access controlled by CCTV is widely used in the UK today. It is much less costly and certainly safer in many instances than human-based selective prevention of unauthorised human access into a particular zone.

A security guard monitoring a bank of screens can instantly grant access to a temporarily authorised person to a prohibited area by electronically unlocking doors, lifts or turnstile barriers.

remote access cctv
Today, all CCTV systems have integral remote access applications that are easy to activate from a distance. For the large and small commercial operation, a security system can be much less expensive to install than is commonly thought. Control and monitoring is by any hand-held device such as a mobile phone or tablet using airwave frequency or a laptop with wifi connectivity.

We provide a static or mobile IP address and the user logs into a particular system that we have set up.

cctv on your ipad or mobile

This is the exciting future that lies ahead. Remote access home CCTV will be prevalent within a decade, giving homeowners much more control over their property when they’re away at work or on vacation.

Remote access CCTV enables the homeowner to observe various areas of the property, inside and out, on a tablet or laptop from many or thousands of miles away. The system permits him or her to unlock entry doors to entrusted neighbours, the dog walker and other family members when needed.

Over 60% of our clients using remote access facilities use them to check on an elderly parent, children or cleaners. They most certainly keep their system activated when they’re on holiday to check on pets, household security or property infringement.

Remote access surveillance

Static or mobile access
We offer either a static IP (internet protocol) address or a mobile app for smart device use. Clients who work from a single location with constant access to a PC find the static IP address and login sufficiently effective for them.

People who are constantly moving about prefer to access their security system from their tablet, laptop or mobile phone, in which case, we set up a mobile IP address.

We configure a router firewall that requires specific permission to configure as an added security measure.

cctv on your mobile
We do not install low-end or off-she-shelf kit.

Henry Gates Security selects only trusted, reliable equipment — at not much greater expense. As surveillance technology becomes more mainstream, so costs reduce.

Equipment such as cameras, monitors, encoders, DVRs and ancillary connectors and cables are sourced for their performance, price and value.
Henry Gates Security has an inhouse IT specialist to integrate systems for IP addresses. Benefits of remote access CCTV are:

• 24-hour monitoring
• significant saving in human resource
• quick system upgrades
• connectable to response centres
• peace-of-mind reassurance
• reduced insurance premiums

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