Internal security with CCTV

Internal cctv

Retail, Leisure
Internal cctv is widely used in the retail and leisure sectors for a number of reasons: use in accident analysis, tracking employee actions, particularly where financial transactions are concerned, restaurant kitchen control for health and safety assessment and hotel lobbies to monitor guest safety.

Laboratory, Industry
Hertfordshire is home to a number of bioscience laboratories where industrial espionage could sabotage commercial success. We tailor internal CCTV systems to minimise intrusion risk, mounting both covert and overt cameras, and linking them via IP connectivity to remote monitoring stations, instantly accessed by authorised staff.

Internal CCTV Dome CameraSchools, colleges
Pupil and student safety is obviously paramount for any education chief. By monitoring the public areas, corridors, perhaps classrooms, lecture halls, student assembly points, libraries and particularly IT and science labs with expensive or dangerous equipment, CCTV is a deterrent and records activity as evidence. It also records deviant behaviour or potential threats to students.

In an age of litigation, internal CCTV is a very good insurance policy.

Logistics, warehousing, factories
Inventory stock and the after-sales ledger are a company’s prime asset. CCTV monitoring is essential to deter inside pilfering but is also useful in recording the process of stock movement from factory to storehouse to distribution, and is often part of the workflow improvement plans to increase efficiencies.

CCTV monitoring is also highly deployed in accident analysis.

CCTV in Reception Area
There is a huge incentive for homeowners to install CCTV. Some homeowners will use DIY kits, but many won’t be sufficiently experienced in properly assessing risk zones, weak entry points or camera catchment areas, nor in system design suitable for their circumstances. We ensure the system has strong enough picture definition to be useful, properly functioning and fully interactive with a recording option of their choosing. We always work to our clients’ budget.

For each project, we’ll consider a range of options in consultation with our client, and select the best for the purpose.

We use both fixed and varifocal camera lenses and choose the camera type most suitable for the job it has to do. We select the product based on its performance in terms of image sensoring, sensitivity, power consumption, video output, operating temperatures and a host of other considerations.

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