Infrared CCTV night vision

Night and day infrared CCTV

Infrared CCTV (IR) has enormous uses — medicine, climatology, imaging, thermography, astronomy. IR is part of a spectrum that contains gamma ray, ultraviolet, microwave, radio, X-ray and visible rays. Infrared light has longer wavelengths than visible light because of its electromagnetic radiation properties.

Infrared illumination casts light over areas too dark for a camera to create an image. Cameras using infrared light turn available light particles or photons into electrons which are converted back into visible light by an electrical process. A night-vision camera’s infrared light add some light — unseen by the human or animal eye — to the ambient light level, which illuminates objects and activities.

This is not the same as thermal imaging, which detects infrared radiated body heat.

infrared cctv night vision


Low light infrared CCTV detection

Infrared cameras
We use highly trusted IR cameras for the jobs we undertake for clients. After an in-depth briefing to understand their requirements and expectations and a site survey, we produce a schedule of equipment based on what range lenses, lux level, IR range, area to be covered, camera manoeuvrability (PTZ), cabling and other criteria we think necessary.

We explain the meaning, outputs and functions of each so that our clients fully understand what they are commissioning, and how it will resolve their security concerns.


Infrared CCTV equipment
Henry Gates Security recommends and uses widely a high definition DVR and camera range with a 1080P video mode, using a progressive scan rather than interlaced, which avoids over and under-scanning.

We use trade suppliers that provide excellent product technical support and training as well as highly reliable, robust products well designed to do the job required of them.

Upgrade from Non IR to Infrared
As technology becomes more available and more affordable, we suggest to clients they upgrade their systems incrementally and sensibly to infrared capabilities for round-the-clock efficiencies.

Energy efficiency
By using LED for night time illumination in our security systems, we can achieve substantial savings for our clients. Standard incandescent globes blow out and require maintenance replacing while LED, although temperature sensitive, has much longer life.

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