High definition cameras

Camera technology
It was estimated (BBC report) that there were 130,000 HD CCTV cameras in Britain in 2012. According to the HDCCTV Alliance, there will be more than 3.7 million by 2016.

Surveillance cameras have up to 29 megapixel capacity, greater than most cameras used by professional photographers. Some of the high dynamic range (HDR) models have a dual-exposure facility to pick out shadow detail, and saves 30 frames a second in 1080p quality video. This is very powerful kit.
CCTV part of public life
Those very grainy CCTV images of four-year old Jamie Bulger being abducted by 13-year old Robert Thompson in 1993 are indelibly printed on the public consciousness.


hd cctv

Twenty years later, the London August riots were recorded with greater definition with surprisingly crime detection results. HD CCTV picks out faces in detail from half a mile away, better than the naked eye. This enables quick identification against databases of known criminals.

Technology advantages

Newest camera technology
We upgrade existing security CCTV systems with coaxial cabling (traditional analogue wiring) with HD cameras as a good mid-way solution. The substitution of analogue by digital is ongoing. We recommend to our clients an incremental upgrade shift.
HD CCTV advantages
• improved performance — greater pixel resolution through its image sensors for, and wider view capture and angles for enhanced surveillance effectiveness

• images are instantly visible on screen; situational response can be instant — unlike analogue cameras that compress the data before linking to recording and monitor devices

• less costly to operate — power saving, greater coverage needing less camera units, enormous search and scan efficiencies and human productivity

• because of its real-time advantages, it’s quicker to adjust using the PTZ functions to pan the area, tilt an angle or zoom in on activity
Henry Gates Security made a conscious decision to use only the latest technologies. We recommend the IP camera — either dome or bullet models for enhanced images — with internet connectivity. The biggest cost is cable running, which can be contained by retaining the existing infrastructure.

For years we have trusted two equipment providers for their quality, ongoing research and development, product reliability and technical support. We regularly search and test newcomers, but reliability and efficacy remain foremost.

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