External CCTV

Outdoor surveillance

All-weather external CCTV
For all-weather applications, we rely on a range — depending on the situation — of bullet and dome cameras that are proven to be robust and that are IP weather rated. Weather rating is important, and we use equipment that has good dust and moisture filters, and operate well in all temperatures.

We use coaxial technology for most of the systems we design for external surveillance. Coaxial cabling is an efficient conductor of magnetic field signals, with its tubular insulating layer protecting its inner conductor.

All the kit we specify operates well in both day and night light and in various weather conditions.

Vandal resistant
Where our clients are located in highly insecure areas or where premises are especially vulnerable to vandalism, we specify a camera unit with particularly effective vandal-resistant outer casing, designed to resist physical attack.

external cctv camera 580

High performing CCTV options

Pan, tilt and zoom
Where operator-controlled camera manipulation for rotary or panning views are required, we design a system that uses highly advanced external CCTV cameras with high resolution and instant camera movements up to 600 degrees a second.

external cctv
High performance
For security systems demanding exceptionally high performance, we integrate durable, reliable, high resolution infrared LED illumination outdoor kit that has highly sensitive imaging sensors.

Because of the distance such camera equipment usually covers, we specify varifocal lens with 35 to 85 degree angle ranges.

The camera units we recommend are those with high level scanning frequency, auto gain controls, high colour resolution and infra red options among other useful features.

Infrared light, electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than visible light, is deployed in medical, scientific and industrial ways, but is more commonly valued for its night vision capability.

Infrared cameras are essential for night surveillance, homing and tracking as it throws out invisible light to pick out body shapes and motion.

For a security system that requires high quality surveillance in all weather and at all times, we strongly recommend camera units with IR capability.

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