Covert surveillance

Secret camera recording

Reasons — good, bad, ugly
There are many reasons, some good, some tasteless, for deploying covert surveillance techniques. Most commonly known reasons for covert surveillance are for industrial and national intelligence espionage and private investigation.

The less common reasons — we hope — are investigative journalism, stalking, voyeurism. Paparazzi use both overt and covert video and still photography to capture private and public moments of film actors and other high profile people — their means to a lucrative living.

There are sound reasons for covert surveillance — such as in care homes today where families believe their elderly or very ill relatives might be assaulted or neglected by care home staff.

Other good reasons are protecting one’s business. Recording a person — who is not aware of being filmed — may be necessary at times, particularly if they are thought to be regularly infringing an organisation’s policies or may be engaged in theft.

Hotels, to ensure guest safety, will use covert recording and certainly supermarkets install devices above their cash tills and in their stockrooms.
Ethics, laws of privacy
Henry Gates Security fully supports and respects ethical use of CCTV. We do not assist anyone or any organisation in the violation of this country’s personal privacy laws.
Discrete client service
We work with you to design a system that will meet your needs and budget. Henry Gates Security will schedule installation that is out of hours, and out of sight. We will train you or your authorised staff in equipment use and provide discrete maintenance services.

On these occasions, we do not enter your premises wearing our work-wear, but dress in casual, unremarkable clothing.

Covert recording equipment

Spy cameras
We can put together the best options for the job. We consider the situation, location, requirement for mobility, distance and area to be monitored and the definition needed.

There are many ways to conceal a miniature or even standard-sized camera, and we discuss these with you. Some products are designed to be concealed in everyday objects, while others are self-contained for placing in inconspicuous places.
Remote control
There are a number of ingenious remote camera-monitoring devices: air fresheners, smoke alarms and harmless-looking control plates that seem unobvious.
covert surveillance
A range of different surveillance video recorders are available and we can advise you on which is best for your purpose and environment.

We also advise on and install USB video recorders that plug into a personal computer, laptop or tablet for use with wireless cameras. Software varies with motion detection, motion activations and scheduled recording. The video and audio quality are high quality, and suitable for home security surveillance.

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