CCTV Recorders

Digital video recorders for security

CCTV Recorders feed into the DVR which converts the visual and sometimes audio signals into motion imaging for scrutiny or storage. This imaging is viewed on a video display monitors (cabled or wifi).

Enhanced functionality
Video searches based on date, time, event and camera (where there are nests of units) are quick. User control over frame rate and quality optimises disk space usage and old or unwanted content can be overwritten to make space for new video records.

PC connectivity
Some CCTV Recorders have PC connectivity, which means internet connection, and can be loaded with useful enabling software, depending on the security needs. We can advise on all these options once we’ve completed a full client briefing.

There are two types of CCTV Recorders. One is PC-based, as above, with a video capture card. The other is an embedded DVR system that has its own operating system, software and memory. Either system is very good in a commercial or residential environment.

cctv recorders

DVR Remote access
With PC connectivity through an internet link or LAN access, remote access to the security video content is instant and reliable. This helps quick response and enables deterrent or avoidable action to be taken.

Digital video recorder hardware and software

Digital video recorder hardware
The DVR offers a host of features and controls. The units are configured for single or multiple video inputs from analogue or digital content. The most common number of channels are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32. Where large numbers of inputs are required, we do this by networking individual DVRs.

DVRs have various connection options too — to control panning, tilting or zooming CCTV cameras, to connect keyboards or to link to multiple video screens, among others. The front panel switches enable various features to be activated easily, for example, content archiving or sending to external storage.

Digital video recorder software
We recommend DVRs that provide the greatest flexibility in programmable functions as long as fundamental systems reliability is not compromised. Features such as event logging, alarm and event search, motion detection, selecting image resolution input, time and date stamping are usually standard.

Some security arrangements will need programs to achieve highly sophisticated outcomes. We work with clients on the right specification for the job.

A 12TB HD rolling recorded picture is so large, particularly after a week’s continuous recording that it’s necessary to compress the content into manageable files through a jpeg system. We use the H.264 feature which I s a video compression format.

Some security arrangements will need programs to achieve more sophisticated outcomes. We work with clients on the right specification for the job.

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