CCTV maintenance

CCTV Maintenance programme

CCTV maintenance plan
Most cctv maintenance schedules will be unique to the security system we design specifically for you. We write a bespoke maintenance plan for the proposed system to include general cleaning, repair (dislodged brackets, screws, etc) and equipment and kit testing.

At the time of installation, we discuss with you the cctv maintenance programme to suit your operation or domestic situation. This will include a quarterly site visit and a written report on findings, repairs and recommendations if any are needed

cctv maintenance services

CCTV camera
We check for wear and tear of the camera mounting, tower, wall brackets, camera housing, lens and image clarity and carry out voltage checks. We also inspect the view path to see it remains clear of foliage, overgrowth and other obstructions.

We clean both the camera and the lenses with professional cleaning fluids.

cctv maintenance

Illumination, cabling, accessories
The LED or other lamps are checked for light droop and to make sure they’re making full contact with the power source. We track cabling to ensure it remains secure and undamaged.

Network and alarms settings
We test the connections and preset programs for the camera and alarm system, and the camera’s remote control PTZ and IR night time functions.

The maintenance programme also includes the recording equipment function checking and that the system is operating smoothly.

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