Office CCTV

Office CCTV from Henry Gates Security SystemsCCTV is apparent wherever you go from outside your local corner shop, inside the town centre shopping mall, on the High Street – chances are wherever you may be, there will be a camera which is recording your every move. Office CCTV is also becoming much more widespread. But why is CCTV so abundant today? It is used to make us all feel safe and deter criminals from carrying out their crimes, such as muggings, theft from shops, vandalism etc.

As a business owner, you may choose to install office CCTV for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are having problems with things going missing in the office, or you may want to use it in the hope that it improves productivity within your team. Some people choose CCTV installation to ensure that they have evidence should there be a breach within Health & Safety rules. Whatever your reason for considering the equipment, Henry Gates Security Systems could be just the company you are looking for.

When CCTV has been installed, it can be used around the clock, so no time is missed when it comes to checking what has been going on. Legally, you will need to make it clear to your team/visitors to your office that CCTV is in place and anyone who enters the premises will be recorded.

Office CCTV from Henry Gates

With office CCTV installation from Henry Gates, you can be sure that you are receiving the best equipment possible for your needs. We offer bespoke systems, catering to your individual needs and also using the most high-performing equipment.

We installed a high spec CCTV system for a serviced office building in Barnet – take a look at what they had to say about the service they received from our team.

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