Benefits of CCTV installation

CCTV installation is becoming increasingly popular for both homeowners and business owners as people are becoming more and more aware of the positive impact it can have on both their homes and premises. Having installed CCTV systems throughout London, Hertfordshire and the south east for many years and for many satisfied customers, we thought we would give you our top five benefits of CCTV installation!

Top five benefits of CCTV installation

1. Deter criminalsRemote access surveillance systems - CCTV installation from Henry Gates
Obviously, the main reason one would choose to have CCTV installed is to prevent crime in the property and to deter would-be criminals. It can discourage thieves from breaking in and vandals from causing damage and graffiting on a private property as well as preventing other acts of anti-social behaviour.

2. Reduce insurance premiums
A regularly maintained and serviced CCTV system can have a positive effect on your insurance premiums – due to the reasons listed above, some insurers will see this as a sign that your property is less likely to be targeted, therefore you are less likely to make a claim and ultimately reduce your annual cost!

3. Peace of mind
Knowing that your home is less of a target gives people peace of mind about leaving their home while they head away on holiday, allowing them to relax while enjoying the sun!

4. Control over your property
Remote access CCTV allows homeowners to have the option of accessing their CCTV system while they are away from their property – perhaps when they are away on holiday or away on business – through their tablet or laptop. Some people also use it to check on elderly relatives and pets.

5. Variety of systems
Henry Gates can provide CCTV installation to suit your property’s needs, using high quality equipment based on their performance, price and value.

CCTV installation for homes and businesses is always worth considering – and the peace of mind it creates is more than worth any costs involved. Henry Gates Security Services is accredited by the Security Systems and Alarm Inspections Board – find out how we can help your with your own CCTV needs by contacting our team today!
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