CCTV installation – avoid the thieves

Whatever property we live in and wherever it is situated, we are always going to question whether or not it will be a target for burglars. As the team at Henry Gates Seurity Services always stress, a home alarm system and CCTV installation will assist in deterringHome CCTV installation from Henry Gates Security Services thieves from attempting to enter your property. But how can you tell which property and thief will target?

UIA Mutual (insurance for trade union members) has recently published figures from the Office of National Statistics that stated between July 2015 and June 2016, 398 406 burglaries were recorded in England. Don’t let your property become a statistic and protect your home and family today with one of our CCTV cameras and an exceptional house alarm system and by following these useful tips!

The insurance company went on to look at why thieves targeted these particular properties and came up with a list of ways burglars think and why they would choose specific homes:

Online – using social media to establish if you’re on holiday / out for the day;

Mail – is there a pile of mail behind your door that they can see? This would make it obvious that no one has been in your home for a few days – avoid this by asking a neighbour to pop in and move it for you;

Ways to get inside – don’t help them by leaving outdoor furniture that they can climb on to access windows etc.

Take a look at the other ways UIA Mutual found that attracted thieves to certain property.

Following these tips would really help to protect your property. Alarm companies such as Henry Gates Security Services help ensure your property is even less of a target for thieves and we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of house alarm systems for all properties and budgets. Our CCTV systems also ensure that your property is safe from potential intruders. Contact us today to discuss our wide range of home alarm systems and CCTV installation options to really protect your home and family!


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