Wireless alarm systems

Wireless alarm for home and small businesses

A wireless alarm system is the most flexible there is. It is simple to begin with a basic system and expand the range and devices as budget and opportunity allow. We can add sensors, cameras and smoke, flood and gas detectors to the system later.

In earlier versions, there was a slight chance that a wireless signal could be detected and used by unauthorised people. Nowadays, a digital encryption code makes this impossible.

Non-monitored bells-only – small-zone property
This sy(sometimes strobe) flash to attract nearby attention. Henry Gates Security uses lithium batteries for enhanced battery life. This system works particularly well in neighbourhood watch zones.

We suggest this system for small areas and properties:
• studio apartments
• flats
• terraced houses
• cottages
• caravans
• boats

Non-monitored bells-only – large-zone property
This is similar to the small-zone system that provides an audio alarm and strobe light flashing that warns someone nearby to take action — by calling the absent owner or someone designated by the owner. A mains supply is needed for the control panel.

We install this system for small-business owners and also house-holders who occupy:
• a semi-detached or detached property
• a retail shop or office
• large scale retail area
• factory, warehouse

Wireless alarm advantages

Wireless alarm advantages
• cost-effective — easier, quicker to install
• central control panel — easier alarm control over various sensitive points
• cable absence — no intrusive, visible wiring
• portability – the system and its devices easily relocated
• flexibility — can be installed in phases
• tamper-proof — no cables to be cut by an intruder

Wireless systems need to be BS 6799 Class VI to meet British Standards and the ACPO intruder alarm policy.


Protecting your property
Whether for peace of mind or for satisfying insurance requirements, most of us do what we can to ensure our home (or business premises) is not an inviting target — we keep our treasured or expensive items out of sight and make the property difficult to get into.

Sometimes these measures aren’t enough, and we think about alarm systems.

Site visit
Burglars, intruders and vandals opportunistically scope a property for a weak entry point. We review the property for such entry points when we visit your site.

In designing a system that suits your purposes and budget, we list the protection areas, draw a plan with windows and doors as all points of entry, and note possible locations for the sensors and control panel.

We also explain the security systems and devices that are widely used, and answer any questions you have.

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