Home Alarm Installer

Choosing the right alarm

Many home owners require a home security system but don’t know where to start. Choosing the right alarm system for your home and your budget is no easy task – there’s a huge range of systems and options available and it is difficult to know what will work best for your home.

As a professional home alarm installer, Henry Gates Security Services always begin with an on-site survey carried out by a highly-skilled home alarm installer from our company. They will assess your security vulnerabilities and design a home security system to meet with your exact requirements.

Wireless alarms
Wireless alarms systems are easier and less disruptive to install. There’s no need to lift carpets to run cables under floor boards, move furniture or drill holes through walls. This generally reduces the installation cost compared to a hard wired system. Wireless alarms are also portable, so can be removed temporarily for decorating or permanently if you decide to move home.

Wired alarms
Wired alarm systems are generally considered more robust, reliable and require less maintenance. A hard wired alarm system would usually be installed by our home alarm installer to hide the cables, thus increasing the installation cost.

Bells-only alarm
A bells-only alarm, or audible alarm, does no more than activate an external siren should the alarm be activated. This is the cheapest and most popular option for the average home security system. Think carefully about this choice – consider how you react when hearing an alarm in your street? If you live in a busy neighbourhood which operates a neighbourhood watch scheme, a bells only alarm system may suffice. If you live in a more remote location, would anyone hear or notice your alarm ringing?

In the case of a bells only alarm activation, Police would only respond if a 3rd party, such as a neighbour or passer-by, witnessed and confirmed an actual break-in.

A monitored alarm is connected to an alarm receiving centre (ARC). The alarm panel will communicate with the ARC in the event of alarm activation. The ARC will then notify either the appropriate key-holders for the property or the police, depending on the arrangement and other factors. An annual fee is charged for alarm monitoring, this is typically paid directly to the alarm company.

home alarm installer

Home security alarms requiring police response must meet certain standards including installation of a graded alarm system installed to British and European Standards and an annual maintenance contract. If the police were called to two false alarms in a rolling 12 month period, the response will be downgraded to a lower level of police response. If further false activations occur, the police response will be revoked. To prevent this eventuality, ARC’s are required to receive two alarm events within a certain timeframe to initiate a Police response.

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