Alarm monitoring

A bells-only alarm system is a very good deterrent in most cases, especially in a neighbourhood watch zone. However, an alarm response that brings immediate action is a very serious deterrent — one that has an intruder quickly looking for an easier target, or better still, quickly considering more honest employment!

Henry Gates Security offers three communicated alarm monitoring options, with alarm messages to:

1. homeowner or key-holder
2. an ARC
3. local police station

The communicated alarm system has an inbuilt communications transmitter that sends a warning to a responder, one of the above, when the sensors detect intrusion or a difference in temperature, indicating human movement.

We choose the most suitable from a number of options — landline, mobile, radio GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) or GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) or the internet.

If your alarm is triggered and a message is received by the response centre, you receive a call from the centre asking you for a password or code number. If there is a wrong answer or no response to the telephone call, they take immediate action.

The Internet of Things connection

As much of our lives are converting from analogue to digital — systems and equipment are capitalising on new efficiencies. VoIP instant messaging uses the internet infrastructure to relay messages quickly and cheaply, and alarm equipment manufacture is now integrating IP connectivity as broadband width becomes a government priority.

Dual signalling
We use dual signalling in every system we install. It uses a mobile connection and landline or broadband to relay two simultaneous messages to the responder centre. The equipment we install, always the best for the job — BT RedCare or DualCom — are kitted with high-speed dual signalling technology.

Dual signalling advantages
• perpetual backup in case of network failure
• signals genuine, not false, alarm

If only one signal transmits, the response centre contacts the key-holder as a precaution.

Speaking alarm systems
Intrusion-triggered alarm is not the only concern for house-holders. Alarm receiving centres (ARCs) can also, through two-way speakers, respond to urgent medical calls, an alternative to a frequently congested 911 service.

Communicated alarm system - communicated alarm monitoring available from Henry Gates Security Services

Monitoring services
Depending on the client brief and how we design the alarm system, we can connect to a number of different monitoring services — fire alarm, panic alarm, CCTV monitoring — and even use the service for PIN or password support.

Communicated Alarm - How-it-Works

Effective deterrents
Communicated alarm monitoring and response has resulted in a rising number of convictions, in itself a valuable preventative measure. The threat of criminal conviction by being caught by these systems is obviously greater than being deterred by a bells-only system.


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