Alarm systems – industrial, commercial, residential

Detecting intrusions, unauthorised entry

Protecting your property
In planning to secure or protect our property, we instinctively:
• ensure our home (or business premises) is not an easy target
• keep our valuables and ourselves (and staff) as safe as feasible
• make our property as impenetrable as possible

Any system that reduces opportunities for unwelcome visitors pays for itself.

Intruder alarm system protection
Property break-ins can be extremely costly for the victim — business or home-owner
• loss of property
• physical damage
• loss of time — dealing with the consequences, insurance claims
• loss of emotional well-being — unsettling for staff, devastating for householders and family

Working with our client’s situation, Henry Gates Security designs a system and installs tested devices that deter unauthorised entry.

The importance of the physical safeguarding of a business premises from unauthorised entry must not be underestimated. For small retail outlets with vulnerable cash till points, a panic button is essential for the cashier’s protection. Perimeter protection for businesses properties that have irregular or concealed boundaries is increasingly deployed.

Alarms are undoubtedly the most effective deterrent against burglary, according to the Metropolitan Police, who say that most burglaries tend to be opportunistic, rather than planned. Burglars choose homes that have little or no visible home security system or those that have unobserved access.

Alarm systems
The elements of an alarm system — the control unit, key pad, the sound emitter and particularly the sensors — have kept pace with digital technology for smarter functioning.

Depending on a client’s needs and budget, Henry Gates Security sets up one of three systems:

• single alarm systems (bells-only) to deter intruders and protect against burglaries by emitting a penetrating, high-volume siren to attract neighbours
• combination systems that integrate triggered alarms with a communicated call to a monitoring station for immediate response
• combination system that observes and records intrusion on CCTV and silently notifies an alarm receiving centre (ARC) for immediate response

Wired Alarm Systems
Sensor signals transmit pulses through cabling within a star configuration to a centrally sited control panel or through a data loop with intermittent nodes that connect in a daisy chain configuration circling the area to be alarmed.

Wireless Alarm Systems
Wireless systems — using battery transmitters — are a good option for those who rent or move more frequently. Because there is no cabling to lay, installation is easier and costs are less than wired systems.

Communicated Alarm Monitoring Service
Where an intruder-triggered alarm bell is to ring directly to a response centre (police station, alarm response centre) for immediate action, we use a remote alarm system through a direct telephone line, a mobile network, a radio network or through the internet.

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