Tag entry systems

Tag entry access

Tag entry — keyless option
It’s used widely in everyday situations: London Underground’s Oyster turnstiles, commercial farming livestock control, door entry systems, car door remote locking and person identification.

The technology behind the tag is radio-frequency identification (RFID). This non-contact system uses electromagnetic fields to transmit personalised data to another object to activate it — releasing door locks, establishing location, verifying identify, etc.

Some tags use a battery for data transmission through electromagnetic radiation. Others use short-range magnetic fields for transmission, and data reading.

Tag entry access
We find some organisations — to simplify their access systems — combine a staff ID card with zone access.

We fit card readers at every door to restricted zones, and programme them with ID access codes, and if necessary, time periods. Some staff will need access at night or over the weekends.

To keep client costs down, we also supply, if wanted, a self-enrol tag writer kit. We set up the macro system that enables the company to input its own micro ID data and codes, as staff come and go or operations expand.

Electronic key fobs

Key fobs, security tokens
These are still used for activating keyless entry systems. Earlier fobs’ infrared required line of sight, but today’s technology uses radio frequency and a password or PIN.

Key fobs — also called authentication tokens — are chunky to see and hold, making them less likely to be overlooked or lost. They’re easy to keep on our person, on a lanyard or personal key ring.

We provide simple fob controls for blocks of flats where occupants need electronic access to the foyer, and to small office blocks, without reception but with multiple business occupiers. This is usually combined with CCTV, which we can install, to monitor tail-gaiting — unauthorised entrants.

We also design complex systems for larger, multiple-department organisations like the NHS, where key fob data needs greater sophistication.

tag entry system

Fob data storage
A fair amount of data can be stored: identification, credentials, passwords or PINs that control access. For an additional level of security, we can also supply interactive fobs with miniature key pads for PIN entry.

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