Paxton Systems

Paxton electronic access control systems

Paxton Access Ltd is a market leading manufacturer of electronic access control systems. They design and produce systems, software and hardware suitable for small to very large security installations.

They have three controls systems:
• NET2 — an advanced pc-based system for centralised administration with advanced features
• Switch2 — a single door control stand-alone unit for external installation, for high-security areas
• Compact — a stand-alone system for internal, low-security zones

Paxton’s range of products include:
• Operating software, database structured
• Door entry systems — keypad, RFID reader, audio or video entry panel
• Controllers — wireless technology
• Readers — proximity, card, touch keypad

Henry Gates Security uses Paxton control systems and products for:

• Tag entry access – more information
• Card entry access – more information
• Code entry access – more information


Paxton Systems – for Security

Henry Gates Security, a family firm established in 1939, works in the client’s best interests —always.

We continuously update our product and technical knowledge to give our clients the best service.

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