GSM Systems

GSM systems for radio alarms

Henry Gates Security uses dual signalling through a GSM system to communicate from a protected site’s alarm system to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

Dual signal technology is a requirement by all insurance companies for communicated alarm response.

Global System for Mobile Communications Alarm (GSM) works on four different high-speed radio frequencies, 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Mhz. It is the dual signalling communication component that transmits the urgent signal to the ARC.

Dual signalling
This is a means of alarm communication through a mobile phone network and telephone network or IP path.

Dual systems are useful:
• To check false alarm occurrences and prevent unnecessary responses
• To back up in case of landline or IP failure

This is an area that demands high performance and complete systems reliability, often in cases of extreme danger or fear. We use reliable, quality products and kit for GSM communication, selecting manufacturers that invest in ongoing technical research.

Communicated alarm system response … more information

Henry Gates Security

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gms systems

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