Fingerprint Entry Systems

Finger print access control

Fingerprint identification is no longer the preserve of crime detection or science fiction. It’s widely used in access control because it’s a very reliable, straightforward verification method.

It’s one of the most secure person ID recognition methods there is — and first choice for organisations needing to protect sensitive information or dangerous materials.

Each person’s finger print is different. The patterns of ridges, loops, whorls are easy to convert into digital data. The data is easily stored in databases.

Fingerprint access control advantages
• Fingerprint distinctiveness — each unique
• Non-transferable — cannot be loaned or exchanged
• Cost effective — for its dependable accuracy
• Biometric data compressed — for safe database storage
• Development — most researched of all biometrics
• Portable – staff don’t have wear a lanyard or remember a code

Fingerprint access uses

It’s a reliable, convenient and efficient way for staff to clock in or clock out of work, with data transmitting to payroll, if required.

Clients use it also to control staff timed or day-of-the week access to buildings or zones within a building.

It is a safer measure in anti-contamination zones such as health goods production or food preparation, where germ-infected swipe cards or fobs may carry undesired bacteria.

It’s used as a means of entry into and out of hazardous zones with toxic chemicals or dangerous operations.

Where entry and exit access systems are in place, it is also used to track staff movements.

Fingerprint equipment

System configurations

We use two systems that we configure to your security and operational needs.

The network system is cabled to a control centre or connected through an existing Ethernet path set up to a pc control.


The stand alone biometric system, for single applications, is self-sufficient and contains a fingerprint reader and an access control module with control management software that produces events logs and custom reports.

Henry Gates Security use kit that complies with BS EN 50133 (European standards on access control systems) from highly reliable manufacturers.


There are many excellent products available; we know their features and advantages and whether or not they’re the best for individual situations. They are thoroughly tried and tested, with warranties and reliable customer service support.

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