Code entry systems

Code entry access control

Door entry control
A keyless system for multiple occupier access or trusted supplier access to a denoted secure area is best served in most circumstances by a front door keypad that needs a simple four-digit code entered on the keypad at the door to unlock it.

code entry systems

Door keypad uses
• Small or residential hotels without receptionist
• Bed and breakfast guests
• Sheltered accommodation
• Private apartment blocks with entrance foyer
• Small retail premises
• Multi-business office blocks
• Petrol fill-up stations with staff entries
• Archive storage rooms
• School car-park booms

Code entry advantages
• No physical key required
• Security is not comprised through key loss or theft
• Code can be shared with authorised relatives, staff
• Code can be easily changed, if compromised
• Easy to use for vulnerable residents
• Straightforward to install and maintain

Code entry keypads

Keypad entry security
Henry Gates Security customises a door access system for each situation. Depending on how door access is to be used, and by whom, we can design a system that suits you.

Some clients require a very basic arrangement with a simple code input that can be changed periodically. We also supply a system with single button for each business or residential occupier.

Others need a more specialised system to suit particular access and communication requirements — two-way speaker phone, timed release, CCTV monitoring or connected alarm to an alarm receiving centre (ARC).

code entry keypad

Henry Gates Security uses only quality products, strong, durable and well supported by manufacturer warranty and technical support.

We choose panels and modules that are stylish, with easy-to-use buttons. We back this up with a maintenance service.

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