Henry Gates Security Services taken over by Cryptex Security – still a security specialists family firm

About Cryptex Security

Henry Gates Security Services has been taken over by Cryptex Security. The team looked for a family run alarm company with the same ideas of customer care as themselves and with much due diligence and months of discussions, the family chose Cryptex Security in East Barnet.

Barry, Phil and Ian from Cryptex and their team of seven engineers have a good knowledge of a variety of alarm panels including most of the equipment Henry Gates Security Services have installed over the last 23 years.

Cryptex Security uses the same Alarm Receiving Centre, namely Yeoman Monitoring at Harlow meaning there will be no disruption of service for monitored customers.

No changes for customers

Cryptex have a similar pricing structure to Henry Gates Security Systems and intend to hold the current prices for maintenance and monitoring for the next five years.

To ensure a smooth takeover period, Martin Gates shall be working in the Cryptex office until the end of May and providing a telephone support service to their engineers for the first year as and when required.

CCTV and Access Control customers will also be able to have their systems maintained by Cryptex.

Lock customers:
Please contact Keymakers London Ltd who are continuing to provide this service to those customers who have the Henry Gates Security Services Master Keyed suites and Registered Key systems:

Email – keymakers@btconnect.com
Tel – 020 8360 6464

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