Electronic security – industrial, commercial, residential security systems

Protection against theft, intrusion and damage

Security systems, CCTV, Alarms, Access control
Henry Gates Security’s clients have property — industrial, commercial or residential — and human life to protect.

After careful operational needs and site assessment, we propose the right product, the right system and the best solution for their needs, and we work with them to ensure the optimum protection for their budgeted spend.

Peace-of-mind security systems

Security systems
A well-designed security system offers peace-of-mind property protection through an electronic program of surveillance, monitoring, detection and communication.

The level of protection depends on the value placed on security, and also on the complication or the straightforwardness of the system.

Henry Gates Security is particular about product quality, installation and service.


CCTV cameras can give you peace of mind off site and at night.



Access control
for domestic and commercial needs.



Intruder alarms for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

• commercial, business and industrial parks
• opticians, clinics, care homes
• offices – reception areas, building exteriors, estate agencies
• retail – mall concourses, boutiques, corner cafés, high inventory outlets
• sports venues – golf clubs, football stadiums
• schools – junior and high, independent, state, colleges

• factory floors
• warehouses, inventory stores
• supplies receiving and goods loading gates
• premises surveillance

• extensive properties
• properties occupied by elderly people
• properties occupied by people with disabilities
• irregularly occupied second homes
• gated communities

Closed circuit television
CCTV is the means to send signals to a particular point through video cameras, monitoring motion, human activity and mechanised processes. Nowadays, digital multiplexing – several cameras to record simultaneously, using time lapse and motion-only recording – is time and money saving.

We offer a range of systems to suite particular needs:
• internal CCTV
• external CCTV
• covert
• remote access CCTV
• high definition CCTV
• internet protocol CCTV

Alarm activation
A security alarm system detects unauthorised entry and emits either an alarming sound or may be part of a more sophisticated system that monitors and controls unlawful or unwanted access.
Access control
Apart from military and government premises, access control is equally important in many industrial and commercial operations – large or small scale.

We have a good range of options for restricting unauthorised entry to a property or building, or areas within a building. After a thorough site survey and briefing from you, we design a system that suits your operation and organisation.

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