Top 5 items stolen from garden sheds

Summer is well and truly here – the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the chilly air has been replaced byTop 5 items stoken from garden sheds - Henry Gates Security Services something much milder. People are making the most of the warmer weather from sprucing up their gardens, clearing out their garden sheds to planning the next BBQ with the family.

Have you thought about how much you protect your garden items like you do items in your home?

The top five items stolen from garden sheds are:

1. Bicycles;
2. Lawnmowers;
3. Sports equipment;
4. Power tools;
5. Garden tools.

Imagine having to replace them all…

You can help secure your garden sheds and garages and the items you store in them in a number of ways. CCTV will deter thieves – if they know they are being watched they have more chance of being caught so the chances are they would take one look at your CCTV and go elsewhere. CCTV installation is becoming more and more common outside homes in the UK as people know how well it works as a deterrent. Mark any items in your shed and garage with your name and postcode – not only will this make the process of getting your items back if they are stolen and found easier, but it will also make them more difficult for a burglar to sell on, therefore putting them off taking them in the first place. Lock items away in a shed or garage – don’t leave them lying about in the garden for all to see. Ensure your shed and garage is secure with a sturdy lock – an obstacle many thieves would not attempt to overcome.

If you are concerned about security either in your garden or home, get in touch with Henry Gates today and see what they can do to make your home and garden secure. We have helped secure homes in St. Albans, Barnet, London and throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.


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