Top 5 items thieves look for

We all know not to not leave valuable items in full view of windows to avoid any unwanted guests in your home, but were you aware of the top 5 items thieves look for?

A survey conducted by Which? Magazine saw them interview more than 100 ex-burglars and helped them discover just what puts them off trying to enter a property – think home alarm systems, homes with CCTV installed, having a dog in the house etc. It also brought up a list of the items thieves are looking for when they decide to break into a property.

Take a look at the top 5 items thieves look for:Tope 5 items thieves look for - Henry Gates Security Services

Jewellery – 84% of ex-thieves said that this was the top thing they used to look for when they burgled a property. Keep yours well-hidden so you don’t lose those heirloom earrings to thieves;

Money – easily stashed into pockets and easily spent without any questions asked, 83% of those interviewed looked for money when in a home;

Laptops – most homes have them and they are light enough to pick up and run off with. 55% of the ex-thieves were on the look-out for these;

Mobile phones – as much as people tend to have these on them all the time, they are sometimes left at home. If you put yours down, make sure it’s not somewhere thieves can see through your windows;

Watches – finally, 37% of ex-burglars would have been looking for watches when they chose to enter a property.

Keep your valuables safe from thieves with a high quality home alarm system or CCTV installation outside your home. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your home more secure.


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