Secure your home in St. Albans

St. Albans Abbey - Henry gates Security SystemsResidents of St. Albans themselves, the family provide CCTV to properties throughout the town, with a bespoke service that enables business owners and home owners alike to get the most from their security in the knowledge that they are as safe as possible.

The company also offer both wired and wireless alarm systems, giving them comfort in the knowledge that should someone try and enter their home, then they will be put off by the siren that goes off when they are unable to key in the correct code to disable the home alarm system.

The stunning town is full of history, with Roman remains throughout and impressive architecture. Our CCTV in St. Albans does not spoil or impose on the historic homes and buildings as we are able to fit discreet systems so the look and feel of your property is not affected.

When we install our home alarms in St. Albans, we ensure that they are fitted with the minimum amount of disruption to you and your property – everything will be left exactly as we find it.

Find out how Henry Gates Security Services can secure your property by calling our team today!

Find out more about the town of St. Albans.

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