Protect your debit cards

Protect your debit cards - Henry Gates Security SystemsThe changes in technology mean things are becoming much simpler and quicker to do – remember the days when you used to have to sign something when you made a purchase with your credit or debit cards? Those days were long forgotten when “chip and pin” came out, but even that looks like it is being replaced – tapping your card on a screen when you spend under £30 is such a quick and convenient way to pay…but is it safe?

Unfortunately, with every new technology, there will always be someone who tries to get something from it for themselves, and this new technology is no exception. Believe it or not, it is actually possible to have your details stolen while your card is in your wallet/purse with the use of a “card reader”, which thieves use to ‘lift’ your account data.

Keep your debit cards safe

There are ways to avoid this, however. You can simply wrap your card or wallet lining in tin foil as this will deflect the reader and shield the card. There are also contactless proof wallets available on the market which will also protect you from card readers.

As a security company, Henry Gates Security Services do not deal in fraud protection, however, we are experts in security protection and can ensure your wallets/valuables/items and family are kept safe at home. Our wide variety of high quality home alarm systems and CCTV systems for all budgets, giving you peace of mind that your family and valuables are safe and secure.


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