“Nottingham Knockers” at work in St.Albans

The team at Henry Gates Security Services are committed to securing your home and keeping your family and your valuables safe and want to warn Hertfordshire’s residents of the Nottingham Knockers.

Unfortunately, we are aware that the notorious Nottingham Knockers – known criminals who knock on doors claiming to be on a rehabilitation scheme and selling unsuspecting residents with cleaning goods at highly inflated prices and whilst also gathering information for future crimes – are operating in the St. Albans and Hertfordshire area. When you answer your door, they may also gather information on what valuables they can see in your home and the security on your property, such as door chains, CCTV, alarms systems etc to decide whether to target your property in the future.

Nottingham Knockers convincing the elderly…

Nottingham Knockers are operating in St.Albans - Henry Gates Security ServicesThe criminals can be very convincing to the elderly and unsuspecting members of the public. Henry Gates can help secure your home from scammers such as the Nottingham Knockers by installing a home alarm system and CCTV to help deter any criminals in the area. As a family run business, we know only too well how important your family is to you and we will help secure your home and keep your family safe.

Read more about the Nottingham Knockers.


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