National Home Security Month

As well as being a colourful Autumnal month with an evening of spooky goings-on for Halloween, October is also National Home Security Month so we thought we would remind you of the top five ways that you can protect your home, family and business:National Home Security Month

National Home Security Month top tips!

  1. CCTV – a great way of deterring thieves, CCTV is a watchful eye 24/7 for your property. Who would attempt to break into your home if their every move is being captured on camera? With CCTV systems to suit every property and budget, Henry Gates Security Systems can ensure your home is well protected and burglars will try elsewhere. Without CCTV, could your home be the place thieves head to?
  2. Home Alarm Systems – today’s home alarm systems are sleek, reliable, easy to fit and can cater for homes where animals such as cats and dogs are kept throughout the day. Like with our CCTV systems, we have home alarm systems for any property and whatever needs you may have. It takes a burglar just seven seconds to decide whether your home is a good target – an alarm system from Henry Gates Security Systems could be the reason they decide “no”!
  3. Lock your doors – not just when you head up to bed on an evening, but whenever you are in. It is too easy for thieves to try your door handle, and they good be in, grab the nearest handbag/car keys/wallet and be back out in a matter of seconds without you even knowing.
  4. Valuables on show – avoid leaving valuables near windows where thieves peeking through could see what you have to offer. Put laptops, handbags, mobile phones etc away from windows – if thieves could don’t what they could get away with, they won’t risk entering your property.
  5. Holidays – when you are away on holiday, ask a trusted neighbour to pop in and move the mail from behind the door, move the curtains, perhaps switch some lights on – basically make it look like there is someone staying at the property. If a thief thinks a property Is empty, they may try their luck – don’t let them think that it is!

This is just a few suggestions to help keep your home secure and your family and valuables safe. Take a look through our other security blogs for more tips and advice about your home and business security. Alternatively, get in touch with our team and see how we can help you stay safe and secure.



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