Make sure it’s only Santa your CCTV picks up this Christmas

It’s that time of year again, the Christmas trees are going up, the festive songs are being played on the radio and the Christmas parties are well underway.
As we are all getting organised for the festivities and finishing the shopping, it’s worth remembering that you’re not the only one excited about the gifts you are bringing home. Thieves will notice if they see you emptying your car of carrier bags brimming with gifts you worked hard to pay for.
Take a look at our list of tips and tricks to keep the thieves at bay and enjoy the season crime-free:

  • CCTV systems are a great way to get thieves to keep away from your home and possessions. At Henry Gates, we provide everything you need to keep an eye on your home, including a fast and reliable service which leaves you safe in the knowledge that your home is secure.
  • Alarm systems are a welcome addition to any home. When a thief sees the box on the front of your home, they are unlikely to try and attempt to enter the property. We offer a whole range of alarm systems to suit all budgets, so see how we can help you protect your home.
  • Try not to leave valuables in view of the window – thieves are less likely to try and enter your property if they can’t see anything worth stealing. On an evening, close your curtains or blinds so you know that there is definitely nothing on show.
  • When Santa has been and the gifts have all been opened, be cautious of how you dispose of your boxes and packaging. We all see boxes piled up outside of houses on Boxing Day, which is a great advertisement to thieves, letting them know exactly what they can expect to find should they enter your home. Try and shred logos before recycling boxes, or take them to your local recycling centre so no one knows which house they belong to.
  • If you are away over Christmas, take a few small steps to make sure an outsider would think your home is occupied. Ask a neighbour to pop in and draw the curtains or switch a light or two on for the evening. Perhaps they could park a car in your drive? Little things like that will make a burglar question if someone is home and are more likely to avoid entering your property.
  • If you’re having a family meal at the back of the house, make sure you’re front door is locked. Thieves are renowned for trying their luck with doors, and you are unlikely to notice them making noise when you are all enjoying the food and drink in the back of the house. Locking your door could be the difference between replacing a Christmas gift before New Year or not. Leaving your car keys on display near the door is also risky as a thief could be miles away before you even notice they have been in your home.


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