Keep your office car park safe with CCTV

With autumn creeping towards us, the darker evenings will shortly be here and, before you know it, it will be dark when you are getting in your car and heading home after a long day at work. Where did those long, balmy, summer evenings go?CCTV cameras in your car park can make people feel safer

If you manage an office with a car park for your employees or tenants, then you may want to think about a CCTV system and lighting for your car park to keep them safer as the dark evenings draw closer.

With modern technology, a CCTV system can prove to be both time and money-saving with digital multiplexing meaning a number of cameras would record simultaneously using time-lapse and motion-only recording.

A CCTV system for your car park could be designed for you based on your needs and budget, meaning you get what you require at a cost you will be happy with. Your staff or tenants will also feel safer, knowing the presence of CCTV will deter anyone up to no good. The cameras can also help with any parking or vehicle damage disputes as the clear images provided will be able to show which cars may have been involved in a collision or scrape.

Lighting can make even the toughest of your team feel safer, especially in a car park where anyone up to mischief could be lurking. A well lit area will help people get into their vehicles safer and quicker, without the struggle of finding keys in bags or worrying about who may be hiding behind the next car.

Get in touch with us today and see how we can help make your car park safer.


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