Home alarms for pet owners

Home alarms for pet owners
In the past, many pet owners have commented that they can not protect their home with an alarm system due to having cats, dogs or other pets who are in the house during the day on their own – “surely they would trigger it off and it would be going off all day?” The thought of keeping pet locked up in one room all day to avoid this is also not a realistic way around this for any pet lover, either. However, home alarms for pet owners is possible and are available to suit every budget.

Today, alarm systems are much more sophisticated and Henry Gates Security Systems are passionate about protecting your home so are proud to be able to supply and install home alarms for pet owners. These alarms are only triggered when something over a certain weight moves, meaning your dog or cat can happily wander around your home without you having to worry about them triggering the alarm.


Reliale & trusted alarms for pet owners

As with every other type of security system the team at Henry Gates fits – from alarms and CCTV to access control – only the most reliable and trusted equipment and suppliers are used and meet the relevant British Standards.

Get in touch with our team today and see how we can secure your home for both your family and pets.


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