Five ways to protect your home during warmer weather

Protect your home during warmer weather

The warmer weather brings with it the colourful gardens, the smell of delicious BBQs, the sound of children splashing about in water to cool themselves down and the thought of long-planned holidays by the sea. However, you may not be aware that it also brings out thieves as when the warmer weather arrives, break-ins also increase so it’s good to consider ways toprotect your home during warmer weather, with Henry Gates Security Services protect your home during warmer weather.

Even though the warmer weather tends to make us more relaxed about many things, including our home security, there are a number of things you can do to keep your home safer and your valuable possessions secure. Follow these simple tips to keep safe when the sun is shining:

1. Shut windows when you leave the house – this also applies when you are heading into the back garden for a relaxing summer BBQ. When the sun is shining, it is an instant reaction to open up your windows and let the warm air in, but it can take a thief no time at all to climb through a window and escape the same way with your iPad, jewellery (the top target of many thieves), purse etc. For extra security, lock them when they are closed, too.

2. Lock your front doors – as the sounds filter over your house to you all having fun in the sun in your back garden, this can give thieves the confidence they need to enter your house, take whatever they fancy and head off again, while you are none the wiser. Leaving your front door unlocked while you are enjoying yourself out the back is no different to leaving it unlocked while you head to the shop, and who would do that? Keep it locked and don’t give thieves the chance to run away with your valuables.

3. Secure your home with a home alarm system – these are a great burglar deterrent whatever the season and will put the vast majority of thieves off attempting to break into your home. An alarm system does not have to break the bank – they are available to suit all budgets and will not only protect your home during warmer weather, but also throughout the rest of the year, too.

4. CCTV – another strong deterrent, who would want their breaking and entering caught on camera? There are a number of CCTV options available to suit all homes.

5. Hide valuables items – thieves will make more effort to enter a property if they know that there is something in there worth stealing. Ensure valuables and items that could easily be taken (hand held computers, laptops, tablets, handbags, car keys) are not in full view of your window.

Whatever your concerns about your home security, Henry Gates Security Systems can help you protect your home during warmer weather – and throughout the year. Get in touch and see how they can help.


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