Deter Valentines thieves with home alarm systems

Home alarm systems help protect your home this Valentine's Day

Now we have left January with its grey skies, short days and long nights, it won’t be long before the nights draw in much later and those balmy summer evenings won’t seem totally out of reach. Before then, though, we have Valentine’s Day – the day of romance – to look forward to. However, the most romantic day of the year isn’t full of love for some of us – it is, worringly, a time when thieves take advantage of loved up couples but quality home alarm systems can help avoid this.

Research by insurance provider Aviva has found some startling claims about Valentine’s Day. According to them, Cupid’s day is one of the worst days for house burglaries and car thefts– with claims increasing by a staggering 9% compared to the average day. A worrying statistic for everyone, yet one we can try and change to save ourselves from the heartache that such incidences create.

Good quality home alarm systems can do many things, including –

  • deter a burglar from attempting to enter your home;
  • send a would-be burglar running if they do try and enter when your alarm starts to ring;
  • make you feel much happier and safer when you leave your property for the day/evening/a week away.

A good quality home alarm system can be fitted to any property and does not have to break the bank.

To avoid being a victim of car theft, ensure that when you arrive home, your keys are not left on show, especially if a thief would be able to reach them through your letter box or an open window – you would be surprised at the lengths a thief would go to, to get what they want. Put them in a draw out of sight or keep them in your bag, although ensure that this is also kept out of sight of prying eyes.

Let Henry Gates Security Systems keep you and your loved ones safe this Valentines Day with a high quality home alarm system. Contact our team today and feel safer sooner.


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