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About Henry Gates Security

Henry Gates & Co was founded as home-decorating merchants in 1939. Our company was very successful and was proclaimed one of the first Dulux merchants in London after the War.

In 1975, Henry’s son Martin assumed day-to-day responsibility for the business, Henry Gates & Son Ltd. He quickly diversified into a key-cutting service, which evolved into security locks provision. Martin enrolled as a member of the Master Locksmith Association, and from this point, continued to evolve and improve the business as technology moved forward.

In the early 1990s, Henry Gates & Son extended its service and provided intruder alarm installations. We continue to do so to the exacting standards of the Security Systems Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB).
In the last 20 years, as technology has developed, Henry Gates Security Systems specialised also in closed-circuit TV and access control.

In 2004, Henry Gates & Son closed their last shop in London. We moved our business closer to the northern home counties: Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire yet accessible to northern London.

The team

After Henry Gates retired, his son Martin ran the expanding business with his wife, Joy. In 2005, their son Brian joined them. They work together as an amicable, close-knit partnership to provide their industrial, commercial and residential clients with the best in electronic surveillance and security.

Brian Gates BA (sports business management)
Managing director, responsible for client service, product research and electronic systems design and installation.

Jacquie Gates

Office management and accounts

Martin Gates
Operational director, electric and non-electronic installations, site surveys, maintenance

Joy Gates

Company secretary, office administration systems, client relations, company finance

Their mantra is to be better and better every year.

They are highly recommended by their clients — generation after generation — which they believe is because of their reputation for trust, knowledge and fair dealing. They count their clients as friends, not numbers.

Regular product research, testing and industry knowledge updating is part of their business approach.

Personal accountability and service is as important – they put their personal name to each job they undertake. Testimonials testify to their thoroughness in job specifications and installation.

Client service is based on honesty, clarity, communication and their clients’ best interests.
Ethics, laws of privacy
Henry Gates Security fully supports and respects ethical use of CCTV. We do not assist anyone or any organisation in the violation of this country’s personal privacy laws.

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